Welcome to Little Findia!

Hey there!

My name is Sofia and this is my blog, “Little Findia”! This blog is meant as a place where I write about my daily life living in the Indian jungle. My primary aim is to keep record of my experiences and also to be able to share them with others. Many people ask about my everyday life in India, so lets hope this blog will give you (and me=)) some answers. Through this blog I also look forward to connecting with other people living as “citizens of the world” in India or elsewhere.

I have been living in India since 2012, but have been travelling to India for different purposes since 2003. Although it has been 14 years since the first trip to India, the country still amazes me with it’s contradictions and colours. There is always something new to see, do and learn!

For the past few years I have been going back and forth between India and Finland a lot. As a way to create a place that is a sort of bridge between the countries, the name Little Findia came to my mind. The name of the blog, “Little Findia”, is a combination of Finland and India. My life has been a constant in-between mix of Finland and India, the former being my place of birth and the latter a focus of my research and now the current place I call home.


Hope you enjoy my blog!


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